Welcome to the summer maths challenge!

Here you should find everything you need to take you through the challenge towards becoming a summer maths master!

Just to recap, the challenge is to practice maths fifteen times over the summer holiday for fifteen minutes at a time. 

NB The summer maths challenge has been set up so that kids can take advantage of little and often learning - so unfortunately it can't be crammed into fewer sessions!
Find out more about practice sessions and earning badges here

The triple scoop badge unlocks when the challenge is achieved

What you need to do

First things first - have you signed up? You can do this on the website here. You will need the code given to you by your child's school - sorry, participating schools only.

What's next?

Next, you need to download and install the Komodo app for your device(s).

Komodo's style of little and often learning is an effective way to learn that doesn't keep children at the screen for long periods. So we recommend three or four 15 minute sessions per week to get maximum benefit - and so that you can fully enjoy the summer break! You can even schedule reminders to make sure you don't forget! 

Keeping parents posted 

We'll keep you posted by email when a particular progress milestone occurs. You can send some encouragement back to your child by replying to these emails. The emails will link to your child's practice tracker.

An interactive practice tracker and certificate is built into the app - we'll email a link to your child's

Making it right for you

We know that children are all different and work at different rates, so you can make some changes in the Komodo settings by signing into the boss area of the app. Here you can

Need help?

If you have any questions that aren't covered here, check out the FAQs , use the "search for answers" at the top of this page or simply hit the blue speech bubble button at the bottom right of this page to message to one of us directly.

Have fun and enjoy the challenge!

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