The best way to use Komodo is 'little and often', so it helps to build it into your regular routine. A good way to get into the way of this is to set email reminders for the times that you plan to use Komodo. 

Setting up email reminders

Go to your own welcome page (as the Boss) and select Reminders

Then choose the times in the week that it will suit to do a 10-15 minute Komodo session.

The times you've chosen show up in green, and are saved once you select them - just press Back to return to the menu.

You'll receive an email just before the time to remind you to start your Komodo session! 

If you'd like to change your reminder times, just go back in to Reminders and deselect the times chosen so that they return to white, and select new times which will show up in green. 

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