If you feel that your child is moving faster or slower than the learning plan assigned, you can change their plan (and more) in the learning settings. 

First switch user to you, the boss and select Settings for Bosses.

Choose Learning Settings.

From the Learning Settings, when you tap on Change Learner Course you'll see these options:

You can then manage the learner levels as you need! 

Remove stages in the current level

To remove stages in the level your child is currently doing, select that menu option and you'll see a list of the stages your child has done and has still to do. You can remove stages that haven't been done yet by selecting them and then clicking on the 'x' that appears

Manage learner levels

You can add extra levels to your learner's to do list by selecting them from the column on the right and pressing the '+' symbol. This will transfer them over to the left hand column, which is your learner's 'to do' list. When you select each level, you are given the option to watch a short video about it so you can judge if it's appropriate for your child.

You can also remove learner levels by selecting levels in the to do list. Click on the 'x' to move that level out of your learner's list.

Reset the last lesson

This gives your learner a chance to start over again with the lesson they're doing. Just select to reset or cancel the lesson and it will come up again for your learner to do from the start.
Be aware that you can't reverse this once you opt to reset it!

Zap F grades

Yes, sometimes even the very best of us get an F!
While there's every opportunity to improve on grades in the corrections, and we can't all expect to get good grades first time round, sometimes it's good for morale to wipe the slate clean. You can literally zap all your learner's F grades with one tap. (You'll know you've done it when the option is greyed out in the menu.)

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