When we release a new Komodo app version usually 75% of our mobile device users get the updated app automatically through their app store within a day or two.

Which version do I have?

To check which app version you have simply click on the "Komodo" logo at the bottom of the menu page. The current version is version 5.2.

Note that all your learner records are stored online so if you accidentally remove the Komodo app and reinstall you won't lose any records!

If you don't have "auto-update" on for your device or if you have a Mac or Windows computer you'll need to update manually. Here's what to do:

For iPads and iPhones

Open the AppSore app (icon below) and either update all app or just update the Komodo app.

For Android devices

Open the Google play store (icon below) and choose auto-update.

For Macs

The Komodo mac app is not available in the mac store so you will have to download the new version from our site and install it over the existing version.

For Windows

The Komodo Windows app is not available in the Microsoft store store so you will have to download the new version from our site and install it. The installation will replace the old app. Please read the instructions because Microsoft make it difficult to install apps.

When running the installer to update your app you may be asked to choose if you wish to "Modify", "Repair" or "Remove" Komodo. Choose "Repair".

For Amazon Kindle Fire

If you have auto-updates you probably have the latest version but if not you can update your Komodo app by going to the Amazon app store, searching for Komodo math, then downloading the new version. You will be prompted to delete the old app but don't worry you won't lose any learning data!

Chromebooks ( Running the Komodo android app )

This link will guide you on how to update on Chromebooks

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