There are many different chromebooks out there with varying levels of support for Komodo. Please use one of the methods below to access the app.

Komodo on the Google Play Store

If your Chromebook has the Google Play app (not all Chromebooks will have this functionality), simply open Google Play, search "Komodo math" and install the Komodo android app. Once it is installed you should be able to find it within your applications.  

This is the best option if available.

Komodo in the browser (Chrome)

You can access Komodo via our web app using the instructions below.

To begin, navigate to This will bring you to our web app. 

If you see a screen like below, simply click on the flash logo and select "Allow". See this gif for instructions.

You should now be able to use Komodo without issue in your browser. We would also recommend bookmarking the web app so it's easy to find next time!

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