Komodo uses leading global payment provider Stripe.com to handle all subscription payments. We do this because Stripe has the security, infrastructure and certification (PCI level 1) needed to ensure your card is safe. 

Click here for more information on how we keep your card details secure.

Failed card payments

Each month Stripe's system will request a repeat monthly subscription payment from your bank or credit card supplier. This is all managed electronically and usually happens smoothly. 

However, from time to time card payments that have worked previously can fail. This might happen because:

  • The card is expired / out of date.

  • You have cancelled your card.

  • Your bank's computer system has rejected the card payment for security reasons.

  • Your bank's computer system has rejected the card payment due to insufficient funds.

  • Often the payments fail for unknown or incorrect reasons.

If your card fails for any reason, we'll email you to let you know. 

Our payment provider will try automatically to take the payment four times. While we do this your Komodo account will stay open.

After four failed attempts we'll suspend the account. New accounts that have never successfully paid us will be suspended straight away.

Please be assured that suspended accounts can be re-activated in your komodo dashboard, and your learner can start their mathematics practice again right where they left off. 

There are a few things you can do try to fix a failed card payment:

  • In your Komodo dashboard check that the card expiry date is valid.

  • If your bank has notified you that they have blocked payment you can inform them that the payment is authorised.

  • Often registering a different card will fix the issue.

Above all please remember that:

  • Your card will be handled securely

  • We'll keep your Komodo account open while the failed card payment is sorted out

  • You can manage your payment here

And as always, if you contact us using the messenger button at the bottom right of your screen, we'll be happy to help.

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