Supporters in Komodo provide vital encouragement to help motivate learners. 

They can be parents, carers, grandparents, the babysitter...anyone really. And there is no limit to how many supporters a learner can have, so the more the merrier! You can find out more about how to add or remove supporters here.

After a child uses Komodo, supporters get an email with a summary of the lessons and grades completed. Supporters can reply to the email which is then delivered to the learner as a message inside the Komodo app. It looks like this: 

Supporters can also give rewards to their learners in the support section. Lots of children are encouraged by a little extra incentive, so if you're struggling for inspiration we've put together some ideas for rewards that won't hurt your pocket.

Motivation is a key aspect of Komodo and your encouragement is central to this. Here are some more articles to help you do this:

Let's really get behind our learners!

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