You can choose what information you get from us by email, and you can change your mind at any time. 

  • Log into your Komodo dashboard

  • Choose Settings 

  • Select Email from the drop down menu

Select which which emails you want 

Toggle the buttons to select the emails you'd like us to send you and pause the ones you don't want to receive.

The reward emails let you know when your child has decided to cash in their hard earned stars for one of their agreed awards - although no doubt they'll let you know themselves, especially if you have to pay up or take them somewhere! 

The learner messages are the emails your child sends you from within the app. Even before they can spell or read with fluency, kids love to send emojis in response to your encouragement.

Learner practice reports summarise what your child did in the most recent Komodo session, as well as the grades achieved. You can reply directly to these emails to encourage hard work.    

Reminders are little nudges to help you remember to do your Komodo sessions. Find out more here

You can also opt to receive receipt emails each time a payment is taken. 

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