If you feel that your child is moving faster or slower than the learning plan they've been assigned, you can change their plan on your parent dashboard.

(Please note, our mathematics teachers are always on hand to help with adjusting learning plans, so please get in touch if you feel a review is appropriate or just need more help or advice).

First choose the learner you want to adjust the settings for.

On their page you can click tabs to select their current level, their completed levels and their assigned levels

Here you can see each stage, when your child finished the stage and what the grades were. 

Manage stages in the current level

You can manage stages in your learner's current level. Opt to repeat stages, remove stages, or change the order of the stages by moving them up. 

Re-do completed levels

You can opt to re-do completed levels if you think your child would benefit from doing them again. Just select the Completed Levels tab and click the arrow to repeat level.

If you would like to repeat particular stages within a level, just click on the level name and it will reveal all the stages. You can then select which you'd like to repeat as required. 

Manage future levels

Select the tab Assigned Levels to make adjustments to the topics assigned and which ones they will cover first.

Add new levels

Select the green button on the right to add a level to the learning plan. 

Here, you can 

 - select an unassigned level to add it to the learning programme.
This will appear at the top of the assigned levels and your child will do it next, as soon as they've finished the level they are currently on.

 - select an already assigned level. When you do this, it as added to the levels to be done, and goes automatically to the top of the queue, meaning it will be done next. 

You can use the arrow buttons to move the newly added levels up or down as required. 

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