The juggler doesn't have to think about where to place her hands. That's what we're aiming for in mathematics; a sense of how numbers behave; accurate and quick mental calculation that becomes second nature.  

Here are our tips for getting the most out of Komodo:

  • Set aside time to do Komodo as part of your routine. Try to do Komodo at the same time so it becomes a habit. If it helps, you can set reminders via your dashboard.

  • Don't over-do Komodo lessons, especially at first. Read How often should we use Komodo? for advice.

  • Ideally, use Komodo in a quiet room with no distractions.

  • Give learners plenty of encouragement to maintain their motivation. You can add supporters to help with this. Read What is a Supporter?

  • Komodo Belts and the rewards system also help to maintain the all-important motivation in the long term.

  • Komodo uses a "little and often" learning approach to deep learning. Find out why this works so well in the home environment: Little and often learning, a painless route to deep learning.

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