Lots of children are really motivated by a little extra incentive when they're learning.  The built-in Komodo rewards system makes this really easy to do.

With Komodo, you are completely in control of exactly how much effort is required and how frequently rewards are offered.

It's a good idea to start small with rewards - the benefit of using Komodo will come over months of practice, so it's important to start rewarding your learner in a way that you can continue. 

There are also plenty of reward ideas for parents that won't put pressure on your bank balance! Think about rewards such as:

• Play time on a game
• A trip to the park
• Play out longer with friends
• Skip a chore
• Stay up past bedtime

When they have completed a Komodo level (which is more difficult than completing lessons), how about some "super rewards" such as:

• A new book
• A sleepover with friends
• A day trip - to the swimming pool, beach, ice-rink or indoor play area
• A trip to the cinema
• A trip to the museum

Rewards are pretty harmless for young children, so make them as fun as you can to really encourage them to keep practicing their mathematic skills. 

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