Komodo is designed to be most effective when used for short 15 minute sessions, three to five times per week. 

This is because we believe that ‘little and often’ learning is one of the most effective ways for your child to cement what they’ve learned in school. 

There's lots of research to back this up - you can read about it here.

It's Komodo time!

If you can establish a regular ‘Komodo time’, it will soon become a good habit. We can send you reminder emails that will get you off to a good start.

Lesson limits

We love to see young learners getting enthused and wanting to race through the lessons, but we do have a built in ‘Hey! Go out and play,’ feature that kicks in after 20 lessons per day as standard. 

Although we normally recommend sticking to this as a maximum, you can change this limit via the boss settings in the app.  Find out more about how to do this here

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