When new learners join Komodo, they take a short diagnostic mathematics test and we ask parents to tell us a bit about their needs. 

With this information, a mathematics teacher assigns a personal learning plan for the learner, tailored to their individual level. 

Komodo complements classroom mathematics teaching by providing targeted practice in the curriculum areas that matter most. Komodo's adaptive system allows kids to skip to the next level once they have mastered a topic, so even the most able should find it constantly rewarding and challenging. 

However, if a child is struggling with their assigned learning plan, or if they are finding it too easy, let us know and a qualified mathematics teacher will review the learning plan. 

We are always on hand to make sure that Komodo works for your child.

You can change the learning plan yourself in the learning settings, where you, as the Boss, can manage learner levels, reset the last lesson and more.

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