Once you've subscribed to Komodo on the website, setting up your account doesn't take long. 

First, visit this page to get the app for the device or computer you're using.

When you log in for the first time you'll see this screen: 

This is where you set up your new account and tell us about the learners. It shouldn't take any longer than 10 minutes. 

Set up the profiles

The first thing you need to do is set yourself up as the 'Boss'. Here you can set up your user name and password, add a family friendly log in, and tell us a bit about yourself.

Next you need to set up each learner by selecting here:

This is where you tell us the learner's name, age and class. We also ask if there's any other information we should know about the learner, for example, any special educational needs. This is to ensure that your learner gets the best out of Komodo with a learning plan that is perfectly tailored for them. 

We ask if your child is a boy or a girl so that we use the correct pronoun when talking about them to you. The app is presented the same way to young learners regardless of gender.

Next it's time to do the set up test - this is a short diagnostic mathematics test for the learner. It takes around five minutes and helps us tailor Komodo to the learner's needs. 

Once this stage is completed, a qualified mathematics teacher assigns a personal learning plan to each learner. This may take a few hours - we'll email when you're good to go!

Check out the reward system

Your encouragement and motivation are key to making learning at home work. The reward system, belts and welcome pack are there to help you with this. 

Get into the Komodo-time habit!

Set up email reminders to help you remember to use Komodo regularly - we recommend using Komodo for around 15 minutes, three to five times per week. 

And that's it! You can now use Komodo on your iPad, desktop, laptop, smartphone and Android tablet.

Watch our introductory video to to take you through this in style, or visit our 'Getting the best from Komodo' section to find out more about what you can do. 

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