The Komodo reward system helps provide extra motivation for little mathematics learners.

When a learner completes lessons, stages and levels, they earn reward stars based on how much effort they have put in. 

To earn a lesson reward star, (the orange ones) learners need to try all the questions and do all the corrections in a lesson. 

A stage reward star (green) is awarded for finishing a Komodo stage. 

And a level reward star (blue) is given for completing a level. It takes a big effort to complete a level so this star is worth the most.

Learners can swap their reward stars for real prizes in the rewards section on their account: 

Supporters manage the rewards using the Rewards tab on their Komodo dashboard

Here you can add new rewards for learners and set how many stars each reward is worth.  

Learners can choose which rewards they'd like to swap their stars for in the Reward Shop:

Learners swap stage stars for Komodo belts as they work their way through the stages:

When learners earn a belt on the app, they can stick the sticker on to their Master Plan poster that we send to your house ( - the reason we ask for your address!)

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